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With this Face Cream is sure to make you feel at peace on even the worst day.

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How to use DreamFace basics for everyone:

​​5 pumps DreamFace (anywhere ) before sex. Make the Lady more watery, the Gentlemen does not have premature ejaculation.

Abdominal pain, use DreamFace to pump 5 times on the abdomen, 30 minutes will stop the pain.

Menstrual pain also used DreamFace to pump 5 times into the abdomen.

Vomiting, nosebleeds, car sickness just need to use 5 DreamFace pumps.


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If you have Magnesium deficiency (or constipation or no soft stools ) ,you will have a heart attack or stroke.

You can use Magnesium Oxide from 500mg to 1500mg daily.

Enough Magnesium you'll see soft stools.

Low Magnesium you'll see constipation.

High Magnesium shows diarrhea (no abdominal pain).​​